3 Above The Ground Pool Heaters to Consider

If you live in a cold area and you decide to take a swim in your pool you definitely need a pool heater and also if you happen to live in an area where the summers are too hot you will need a heater to keep the pool at a moderate temperature. There are three option for you choose from for pool heaters first one is the gas-powered heater. It takes the water from the pool through a pipe, heat the water and dump it back into the pool, the second option is to use an electrical heater, its functions the same as gas heaters instead of using gas it uses electrical induction to heat the water the third and fairly latest option is to use solar-powered heater.

As the name suggests it uses solar energy to heat up the water at a moderate temperature for you to take a long relaxing swim. It also depends on the pool type you have in the ground or above the ground as in above the ground heat exits the pool from above and sides which is not the case with the in-ground pools as their heat only exits from above because of the insulation clay around it. So, it is relatively hard to heat an above the ground pool than the in ground pools.

Let’s have a look at the three best above the pool heaters available

Blue Wave NS6028 solarPRO curve solar heater

This solar heater is designed for the above ground polls with the Hight of up to 30 feet in diameter or for pools with 1200 gallons of water capacity. Its unique and curve shape provides it to get full expositor to the sun hence it can heat the water more instantly then the other solar energy-based water heaters. Its solar unit does not need any of the special racks or to mounting it on the roof as it comes with tow built-in plastic legs. This water heater due to its large surface area and curved shape can absorb maximum solar heat that it can trim heating time by 40% compared to other solar pool heaters. (currently listed as the #2nd best pool heating option by ThePoolAdvisors.com)

SunQuest 8-2X12 Swimming Pool Heater Complete Sys. W/Roof Kits

The second one on over list is also a solar-powered heater by SunQuest. This is the bestselling pool heater at amazon.com with 4.7 ratings. It’s the bestseller for its durability as and the other good thing about the SunQuest is their customer service, which is very customer friendly and if you somehow get a defective piece they will it up from your home address and will replace it within three days which is more than satisfactory for me.

The reason why this heater is in the second place is that you have to fix its solar panels above the roof or you will need a special wooden stand for them to be installed which is not the case with the first heater in the list. Other than that, this is the best pool heater available on above for both in the ground and above the ground pools. These are available in different sizes in case you have a very big or a relatively small pool. For a general idea 6 panels are enough for a pool with1600 gallons of capacity.

Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Propane Pool Heater

On the third number, it is a propane powered pool heater from Raypack company. It has a compact design and can easily be fitted no special equipment no rooftop fittings, just place it near the pool mount the water inlet and outlet and connect it to a propane source and ignite it will start its job. Keep it away from the children as it gets hot while heating the water so they may hurt them.

The issue with the gas-powered heater is that they are bit slower than the electric or solar heaters. They may be less in price than the solar-powered heaters but they burn propane and can add up a fair amount to your gas bill.


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