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CCRL California Center for Regional Leadership
Connecting California's Regions to the State and Each Other
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About CCRL
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Mission Statement

California The California Center for Regional Leadership is a statewide nonprofit organization established to support, facilitate, and promote innovative regional solutions for our major economic, environmental, and societal challenges, to help achieve a more sustainable California. CCRL works with a network of collaborative regional organizations from throughout California, and works on behalf of this network to encourage and enable effective regional strategies by local and state government.

Vision Statement

The California Center for Regional Leadership works with others to bring about a more sustainable California, where:

  • The standard for thought and action is the recognized interdependence of economic, environmental and social equity goals and strategies, and where this idea is a deeply embedded, broadly supported and well-practiced cultural norm.
  • All Californians, leaders from all walks of life and ordinary citizens alike, practice stewardship; that is, we commit to leaving to our children and grandchildren and succeeding generations a better place in all respects than we were given by our forebears.
  • The diversity of the people, communities, and regions of the state is seen as an asset; and where inclusion and collaboration are the means for finding common ground and settling differences.
  • Organizations and leaders are value-based yet pragmatic, entrepreneurial yet systematic, and results-oriented; and where a commitment to learning and improvement inspires and guides our public and private sector institutions.
  • The people of the state are committed to each other and to the success of the communities and regions in which they live, work, and play; and where a new form of civic interdependence underlies the governance of our public affairs.

Operating Principles

  1. As a service organization, CCRL is committed to helping its primary customers, collaborative regional organizations, to achieve their fullest potential success in improving the economy, environment, and social equity of their regions. CCRL must always strive to understand clearly their needs and wants, and to deliver high-quality direct support, whether through information and other resources, technical assistance, training, brokering, or promotion.
  2. As a constituency-based organization, CCRL is committed to representing the interests of the network of regional collaboratives with the public sector, particularly the state government, and with other public interest organizations. In general, this involves advancing new policies and programs that support the goals and strategies of the regional organizations.
  3. As a leadership organization, CCRL is committed to the generation and promotion of new ideas, strategies, policies, and programs that will challenge the thinking and actions of the CRI network, and ourselves so that we might continue to learn and to improve our effectiveness.
  4. CCRL is committed to collaboration, inclusion, innovation, boundary crossing, accountability, and continuous improvement.