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CCRL California Center for Regional Leadership
Connecting California's Regions to the State and Each Other
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200 Pine St., Ste. 400, San Francisco, CA 94104, phone (415) 445-8975, fax (415) 445-8974, email
CCRL & The Regional Civic Movement
Car and Rail Transit The California Regional Network
California's Regional Collaboratives are region-based civic organizations working to improve the state's economy, quality of life, and opportunity for all. They act as conveners and coordinators of community initiatives and civic governance within their regions.

The Civic Entrepreneur Summit
The Civic Entrepreneur Summit is an opportunity for leaders and organizations from throughout the state of California, using innovative regional strategies to address the State's most important challenges and opportunities, to learn from each other as well as other state and regional leaders.

Indicators: The California Progress Project
Regional Quality of Life Indicators are tools to measure a community's well-being and monitor progress. This data is also a catalyst for civic engagement, educating and mobilizing residents and policymakers to action in their communities. Through a recent report (2.9 MB, PDF) documenting California's 14 projects and a network of practitioners, CCRL is working to build the capacity of current and new indicator projects.

Alliance for Regional Stewardship
The Alliance for Regional Stewardship is a national, peer-to-peer network of regional stewards who benefit by sharing experiences and working collaboratively on innovative approaches to common regional challenges.

Speaker's Commission on Regionalism
Speaker Emeritus of the California Assembly Bob Hertzberg convened this commission, chaired by CCRL President Nick Bollman, to examine some of California's most serious immediate and long-term issues. The commission's final report, issued in January 2002, presents a policy framework and specific recommendations for more effective solutions at a regional scale and tailored to the unique needs of the state's diverse regions.