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Next Ten

California was founded by pioneers who were driven by big dreams and unafraid to face difficult challenges. Like many of us, they came to California to create a better life for themselves and their family. Today, many residents believe that the California dream is in danger.

Californians are worried about schools, traffic-jammed commutes, housing and health care costs, the environment and the economy. Yet gridlock in Sacramento and public distrust in government has created a logjam, making it impossible to plan for the future. 

Solving today’s problems requires bold, visionary thinking and involvement by all Californians. How we act today will determine whether our children will be able to live the California dream of a having a world-class education, a good job and owning a home in a community with clean air and water. It’s time to retire our old way of short-term, year-to-year planning. We must begin planning for the long term, stretching our imaginations so we tackle our biggest challenges and make the most of our great assets.

Next Ten is an independent, nonpartisan organization that engages and educates Californians so that, together, we can improve our future economy and quality of life. We call ourselves Next Ten because we aren’t here for the quick fix. We have our sights set on joining with others to improve the state over the next 10 years, and the 10 years after that. Next Ten believes that together, we can create the brighter future we all want for ourselves and our children. Next Ten was founded by F. Noel Perry, a venture capitalist and philanthropist concerned about California today and the California our children will inherit.

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Next Ten’s Activities

Next Ten believes that a well-informed, fully engaged public can work together to break gridlock, rebuild trust in government and rebuild the California dream. That’s why Next Ten’s first act has been to deepen the understanding of how today’s budget decisions will shape our lives over the next 10 years. Last year, through a partnership with the California Center for Regional Leadership, the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy and Noel Perry, we held a series of budget education workshops with business, civic and community groups throughout the state.

Now Next Ten is introducing the California Budget Challenge, a nonpartisan Internet tool that lets Californians go online and create a hypothetical state budget for the next 10 years — based on actual revenue and expenditure projections. Go to to take the Challenge. Next Ten plans to update the Challenge on an ongoing basis and adapt its use for young adults and communities of color.

We believe that the success Californians will have in making the difficult and significant changes we need to rebuild the California dream is directly related to how many Californians are informed and engaged. Our ongoing goal is to help educate and engage as many Californians as we can. Our long-term goal is to invite citizens around the state to join leaders across California, including government, to create a common vision for California’s future based on values that we all share. That common vision can inspire and guide smart decision making long into the future.

The Challenge can only begin to spark the right kinds of conversations in California if thousands of Californians have the opportunity to take it. Please contact us at if you would like additional information on how you can link to the California Budget Challenge and be a partner in promotion.